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Univerxe Earthland NFTs are the first 10,000 NFTs on sale prior to the Univerxe Game release On Base Chain. They are the special Land Pieces that makes the first generation of the Univerxe. For this reason, Earth Land NFTs have many advantages compared to the later generations.The Univerxe Game Earthland is more than just collectibles. It is an Play-to-earn game taking place in a fantasy medieval Metaverse.It is also an inspiration and a character in the gaming metaverse, where you can use your Land to participate in the games special features, particularly the Play-to-earn mechanism.At the core of our platform is the buying and selling of virtual land. As true NFT owners, our users can buy and sell their Univerxe Earth land on their terms. Whether that means flipping, accumulating, developing land, each owner is free to pursue whatever strategy best suits their needs.

  • Mint Price :             FREE
  • Earthland Supply :  10,000 UEARTH
  • Minting Status :       LIVE
  • Blockchain :            BASE
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Ensure that you have Gas Charge in your Wallet before Connecting the Wallet